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Tyrsa Ukrainian Dance School

Tyrsa Ukrainian Dance School was formed in 1977 by a group of young Canadians wishing to keep their Ukrainian culture alive.  Tyrsa means a wild grass that grows in Ukraine.  In the past, the group has performed at a variety of festivals in Canada such as Expo 86, The United States and a tour of Ukraine.

Mission Statement
To develop our youth through the instruction of Ukrainian dance, song, and arts in an atmosphere that promotes responsibility, instills self-confidence, and cultivates an appreciation for the art and brilliance, of Ukrainian Culture, with the intent of contributing to the Canadian multicultural mosaic. The school is open to the general public, Ukrainian fluency or ancestry, are not required.
Over the years, Tyrsa has hosted a number of talented choreographers whose vision and dedication enhanced the lives and enriched the Ukrainian culture of the students.  Today we have four levels of classes ranging from ages 3 to 17.
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