Holy Protection Ukrainian Catholic Church

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Слава Ісусу Христу! Слава на віки! Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory Forever!
Welcome to Holy Protection Parish in Burlington, Ontario, where we strive to be a “Vibrant Parish” standing as witness to and missionaries for Christ`s message according to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic (Byzantine) tradition of the Catholic Church.  
Here, you will find:
A Place to Pray!
A Place to Grow!
A Place to Join!
A Place to Celebrate!
At Holy Protection, we invite you to join us for Sunday Liturgy.  Our schedule of services can be found here.  
Our community offers services in Ukrainian and English, and we have various groups to respond to the diverse needs of our
members and visitors.  Please visit our  Contacts page for information about ways in which you can enrich your life, as we
seek to enrich our lives in living our Christ’s teaching!

Please help support our parish by making a contribution

Donations of $50 or more will receive
an official income tax receipt

Parish & Community Announcements
Радісна та благословенна новина прийшла до нашої Парафії!
Преoсвященіший Кир Браєн Байда, оголосив, що диякон Данило Дудар буде висвячений у пресвітерський сан (священство) в суботу, 11 травня  2024 р. о год. 10:00 рано, в нашій парафії!
Хоча Диякон Данило назначений до нашої парафії, останні три роки він допомагав Українській Католицькій Парафії св.  Івана Хрестителя в Брантфорді, Онтаріо, і більше року служить там Парафіяльним Адміністратором. Диякон Данило продовжить своє служіння на цій посаді.
Свою першу Божественну Літургію диякон Данило відслужить на парафії св. Івана у неділю, 12 травня 2024 року о 9:00 год.
Прочитайте листа Кир Брайана тут.
Joyous and Blessed News Has Come to Our Parish!
His, Excellency, Bishop Bryan Bayda, has announced that Deacon Donald Dudar will be ordained to the presbyterate (priesthood), 10:00am on Saturday, May 11, 2024, at our parish!
While Deacon Don is assigned to our parish, he has assisted at St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic parish in Brantford, ON for the last three years, and has served as Parochial Administrator there for more than a year.  Deacon Don will continue in that capacity.
Deacon Don will serve his first Divine Liturgy at St. John's parish on Sunday, May 12, 2024 at 9:00am.
Read His Excellency's letter here.


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